Patients with Developmental Disabilities

Are you a patient, or a caregiver for someone with a developmental disability? If so, Bear Brook Dental Care wants to hear from you. We are a cutting-edge dentist in New Jersey, with a focus on compassion and understanding in special needs dentistry. With a flexible approach to interacting with and treating patients, we ensure that everyone can benefit from our range of services. Our team is very open to discussion and will go to great lengths to accommodate the needs of patients with developmental disabilities.

No matter what the disability, Bear Brook Dental Care will put provisions in place to ensure that treatment is carried out safely and effectively in a relaxed environment. Some patients with developmental disabilities may benefit from sedation dentistry, whereas others develop a more positive association with dentistry due to building trusting relationships with our team.

Facing Challenges Together

At Bear Brook Dental Care, we know that we will face many challenges along the way, but we are more than up to the task. We see helping people with developmental disabilities achieve better smiles as no different than helping any other patient. Each and every patient is different, which is why working together to achieve excellence in dentistry is an important aspect of the Bear Brook Dental Care patient relationship.

While patients with developmental disabilities may need extra consideration, Bear Brook Dental Care will always treat those patients with the respect they deserve. As a team, we will address all hurdles together and achieve shared goals for better oral health and hygiene.

To find out how Bear Brook Dental Care can help patients with developmental disabilities, contact our office and arrange a consultation. We are here to listen to your concerns and work with you to ensure you are getting the most from your dentistry experience with our team.

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