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We are excited to announce the opening of our Hoboken office! It’s been a long road to opening due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the wait is finally over, and we’re happy to report that our new clinic is now receiving patients.

Our office began as a pediatric dental clinic within the multi-specialty family dental office Bear Brook Dental Care in Montvale, NJ in 2017. Since then, Dr. Tommy Lee (known as Dr. Tommy to his patients) and his team have helped thousands of children keep their beautiful, healthy smiles and overcome the anxiety associated with dental care through our use of cutting-edge technology employed in a vibrant, child-friendly environment.

From day one, kids were excited to visit the clinic and see Dr. Tommy. Within just a few years of our opening, countless families have come from Montvale, NJ, and the surrounding areas – sometimes places that are several hours away by car! Knowing how far some of his patients traveled to see him, Dr. Tommy decided to open a new pediatric dental clinic in Hoboken, NJ, so that his patients could easily access the high standard of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatment that he offers to children.

Ever since the decision to expand the office, Dr. Tommy and his team have had only one goal: to build a dental clinic that kids love to visit to receive safe dental treatments! When children step into our clinic, we want them to feel like they are at their favorite play area – and to that end, Dr. Tommy and his Hoboken team have spent over a year designing a space that appeals to our pediatric patients while creating a relaxing atmosphere for parents.

We’re ready to meet our patients and excited to see them smile. Build a brighter, more beautiful smile with Bear Brook Pediatric Dentistry!

What We Do

Bear Brook Pediatric Dentistry specializes in cutting-edge pediatric dental care. Choose us for the following:

Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

Pediatric dentistry requires two or three additional years of specialty training following dental school.
Unlike typical family dentists, pediatric dentists care specifically for infants through adolescents,
including children with special health needs.

Fluoride treatments are used on children and adults alike to prevent the development of cavities. Since a
child’s teeth are “softer,” they are more prone to losing the essential minerals that help their teeth grow
strong. Fluoride treatments are safe for children and are recommended as soon as the first tooth comes

Digital dental x-rays are used to spot cavities and other dental problems that are not easily apparent to the naked eye. The digital x-rays we take and the machines we use are extremely safe for children and expose your child to minimal radiation.

If our pediatric dentist notices a problem with the way your child’s jaw or teeth are aligned, we may go through the process of phase I orthodontic treatments. We may begin early orthodontic treatments if there is malocclusion, overbite, underbite, narrow jaw, or protruding teeth present. Our treatments are designed to reduce crowded and crooked teeth and gaps.
In some cases, a space maintainer is a necessary device that allows enough space to remain open for a permanent tooth to grow in after a baby tooth is lost. Without a space maintainer, the open space from a lost baby tooth poses a risk of tooth crowding and crooked teeth. Schedule a consultation with our pediatric dentists today.

If a child has a baby tooth that has decayed due to a cavity, they may require a pulpotomy. If a cavity isn’t treated, it can grow close to the pulp of the tooth or even into it. Dr. Tommy will remove the infected area of the tooth, making sure to leave the living tooth root intact. Then, he will place a dental crown to restore the remainder of the baby molar.

To help your child cope through a dental procedure, our office uses nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to help relieve your child of anxiety.
We try to create a stress-free, welcoming environment for all our patients of all ages, so they have a comfortable experience at our dental office.

At Bear Brook Dental Care, we use only the best, latest technology for the safest cavity treatments and filings for our pediatric patients. When your child has a cavity, it’s important to have the tooth filled immediately so further tooth decay is prevented. Our pediatric dentists will evaluate your child’s cavities, taking into account which cavity treatment option is best. We offer white fillings and crowns for the decayed areas of the child’s tooth.
If your child is complaining of tooth pain, they could have a cavity. Our dentists understand the proper treatments for adolescent cavities, so there’s no bacterial infections or other dental problems.

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