Special Needs Dental Patients

Special needs dental patients are welcome to join the Bear Brook Dental Care family. We understand that some patients have unique needs. At Bear Brook Dental Care, every patient is entitled to receive the highest standard of treatment, regardless of the challenges they may face. Special needs cover a broad area and can include physical, behavioral, language or learning difficulties. Bear Brook Dental Care provides dentistry to all patients with developmental disabilities in a safe and understanding setting.

At Bear Brook Dental Care, we are happy to work with parents and caregivers to create treatment plans that work for every patient’s needs. We are completely flexible in our approach to providing dental care services to our patients, and we are constantly evolving and growing as we learn. Part of our success in providing dentistry to special needs patients is the people on our team. We consider our patients to be family, so you will always be greeted in a warm and welcoming environment.

We also understand that many patients with special needs have established routines and boundaries surrounding social or physical interactions. It is our goal to play a positive role in the lives of those patients and respect boundaries. Bear Brook Dental Care will never attempt to carry out any aspect of treatment without full consultation with those qualified to help us address and overcome barriers to treatment.

Providing special needs patients with the treatment they deserve is a cooperative effort. Working together, we can make sure that every patient benefits from our full range of treatments in a caring setting. The soothing décor at our offices is designed for comfort. We also have a range of amenities that will help many patients with special needs feel relaxed while waiting for treatment. Contact Bear Brook Dental Care today to schedule an appointment.

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