Are You at Higher Risk For Tooth Loss?

Montvale NJ Family Dentist

Living in America, many people think that we are far away from the problems that plague Third World countries. However, there are some areas where that is not the case – chronic dental concerns being one of them. Oral health issues are almost entirely preventable, and it is imperative to understand that you are typically the only thing standing in your way of achieving a healthy smile.

A small portion of the American population is considered “genetically prone” to developing cavities. That means that through generations within their own family tree, cavities have plagued family members. Now, in most instances this does not guarantee that you will have cavities, it simply means that you may be “prone” to developing them. However, even with a genetic predisposition, you can still do your part to successfully ward off cavities, dental decay, gum disease, and tooth loss.

Brushing your teeth twice a day is important, but flossing your teeth once a day is even more important. Yes, flossing your teeth is more important than brushing them. Dental floss is the only at-home tool designed to remove plaque from your teeth. Dental plaque is laden with acid-producing bacteria that constantly assault your teeth and eat their way through your tooth enamel. When acids eat a hole in your tooth, that is a cavity. Cavities are preventable with proper oral hygiene done every single day. if you are not practicing good oral hygiene habits, you are simply allowing your mouth to weaken under continual attack. Teeth that have been weakened by cavities and are not treated timely are prone to falling out.

Gum disease also occurs from dental plaque. When plaque collects at the gum line, the gum tissues are irritated and become infected. Severe gum disease will enter into the blood stream, ligaments, and bones of the mouth. When this occurs, the stability of the mouth is compromised, and the teeth lack the necessary support to remain in the mouth.

Any type of tobacco use is also a huge reason for tooth loss. Not only does tobacco use weaken your immune system so that your mouth cannot fight off infection, but tobacco users are more likely to have an excessive amount of plaque buildup. Together, this compromises the entire health and structure of the mouth.

At Bear Brook Dental, we want to help those who are at a higher risk for tooth loss. Let us partner with you to achieve and maintain a healthy smile.

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