Periodontal Care in Montvale

Gum disease is a progressive condition if it is not treated by a dentist. Periodontal disease causes inflammation, redness and receding gums. When the tissue of the gums becomes infected, it can lead to tooth loss. Having the condition treated with general dentistry is crucial to protect the teeth and gums from irreparable damage. In many cases, gum disease is caused by inadequate dental hygiene, which is easily corrected through education from Bear Brook Dental Care.

If you need treatment, Bear Brook Dental Care can reverse the progression of gum disease. We will use a comprehensive exam that will determine the cause of the condition. With education and treatment combined, Bear Brook Dental Care will help you avoid a recurrence of gum disease. Treatment is provided in our office or you can continue treatment at home.

Symptoms and Causes of Periodontal Disease

When your gums bleed after brushing or flossing, you may have periodontal disease. Discolored, swollen or receding gums are also common signs of periodontal disease. Some people are more susceptible to periodontal disease, which means that a more robust approach to treatment is needed. In other cases, periodontal disease is simply a result of poor oral hygiene.

Successful treatment of periodontal disease relies heavily on the results of a comprehensive exam. Bear Brook Dental Care gets to the root cause of gum disease in order to provide effective treatment. We use a common-sense approach to treatment, providing patients with relief and education. By preventing the progression of periodontal disease, Bear Brook Dental Care can ensure that your teeth and smile remain healthy and strong.

Protect your teeth and gums by booking an appointment with Bear Brook Dental Care when you notice the signs of periodontal disease. We can provide treatment and sensible advice to help you avoid further infections.

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