Oral Sedation Dentistry

Every patient who suffers from dental phobia has their own fears. Some patients do not like needles, whereas others cannot stand a mask covering their face. At Bear Brook Dental Care, we can offer oral sedation dentistry to those patients to help them feel relaxed during treatment and help overcome the anxiety they feel in the dentist’s chair. This sedation method involves the use of medications taken orally which make you feel more comfortable, even though you remain awake during treatment.

Oral sedation dentistry can be used during a large number of treatments at Bear Brook Dental Care. Your dentist will discuss all our sedation dentistry options with you, so you can choose which method you are most comfortable with. Our team understands the anxiety that can arise from having dental treatments carried out. We are an understanding practice with a focus on providing family dentistry to all patient types.

Help with Dental Phobias

Bear Brook Dental Care does great work helping patients face their dental phobias. We welcome all patients and embrace facing your challenges with you. Our approach is one of understanding, using open and honest communication to help you address your anxiety and fears. Overcoming dental phobias can be a gradual process, but Bear Brook Dental Care is committed to helping you win the fight.

Sedation dentistry is just one of the many services that Bear Brook Dental Care offers to help patients with dental phobias relax during treatment. When you have a concern about any treatment, no matter how trivial it may seem, you will always find a friendly ear at Bear Brook Dental Care.

Learn more about oral sedation dentistry and combating dental phobias by contacting Bear Brook Dental Care for free advice or to book a consultation.

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