Montvale Wisdom Teeth Removal

Impacted wisdom teeth are those that do not fully erupt through the gums. This normally happens when the emerging tooth is blocked by another tooth and is unable to cut through the gum. These wisdom teeth can cause inflammation in the gums, damage other teeth or become infected while still under the gum. In these cases, the wisdom tooth is removed to protect the other teeth and gums.

In other cases, the tooth is able to cut through but causes crowding of the teeth. Crowded teeth are more susceptible to infection or damage. Having the wisdom teeth removed will help prevent unnecessary damage to healthy adjacent teeth. As part of your general dental care, Bear Brook Dental Care will carry out a comprehensive exam to determine whether you need wisdom teeth extracted when you visit us.

Infected Wisdom Teeth

Learn to recognize the signs of infected wisdom teeth. When wisdom teeth become infected, you may experience a bad taste in your mouth, accompanied by halitosis. Other signs of infected wisdom teeth include inflammation in the gums and face, pain when eating and swelling in the throat that causes pain. If you suspect that one or more wisdom teeth have become infected, Bear Brook Dental Care can carry out a comprehensive exam to confirm the infection and offer treatment.

It is important to have infected wisdom teeth removed to prevent damage to the gums and your other teeth. Infections spread easily in the mouth, so removing the affected wisdom teeth early is necessary. Bear Brook Dental Care can also check for impacted wisdom teeth during checkups. We believe in providing treatments that prevent serious oral health issues from arising in the first place.

If you have concerns about wisdom teeth, make an appointment with Bear Brook Dental Care for a comprehensive exam today.

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