Tooth Extractions in Montvale

Tooth extractions become necessary when a tooth has suffered too much damage. If the tooth has been subject to decay, extreme trauma or is compromised by periodontal disease, your Montvale dentist may decide that extraction is the most suitable general dental treatment option. In the case of a badly infected tooth, it is better to have the tooth removed than allow the infection to spread to other teeth and gums. Bear Brook Dental Care will take images of the tooth using cutting-edge technology, ensuring that extraction is absolutely necessary before carrying out the procedure.

We will attempt to save a tooth if fillings or dental crowns are an option. However, it must be stressed that even fillings or crowns may not last if the tooth is too badly damaged. In those cases, Bear Brook Dental Care will always recommend extraction followed by restorative dentistry. Having the tooth restored is often a more permanent treatment option, which will save you on dental costs in the long run.

Restorative Dentistry

The thought of losing a tooth is never an appealing option. However, Bear Brook Dental Care can carry out restorative dentistry to replace the extracted tooth. A dental implant allows us to attach an artificial tooth to replace the tooth that was extracted. Dental bridges, partial dentures and full dentures are also options to replace teeth that have been extracted.

The health of your teeth and the vibrancy of your smile are important to Bear Brook Dental Care in equal measure. All the treatments you receive from Bear Brook Dental Care are geared toward healthier, brighter smiles. Your Montvale tooth extraction dentist will provide open and honest treatment recommendations in all cases.

If you have a damaged tooth, reach out to Bear Brook Dental Care for a consultation with an expert dentist. We are here to provide the most effective treatments to our New Jersey patients.

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