TMJ & TMD Treatment in Montvale

Pain in the face or jaw may be the result of temporomandibular joint disorders. Even when you do not experience pain, difficulty smiling or eating can also indicate issues stemming from this joint. Pain can stem from the joint or attached muscles. However, the cause of the pain often stems from dental problems. Patients who grind or clench their teeth are more likely to experience TMD. Similarly, missing or crooked teeth can cause sufferers to rest their jaw in an unnatural position, putting pressure on the joint or muscles.

From a general dentistry point of view, correcting issues with the teeth is often enough to prevent further pain from TMD. Nightguards for bruxism (grinding teeth) protect the teeth and relieve pressure on the jaw. Repairing and restoring teeth can also have a positive effect on the alignment of the jaw, allowing it to move more naturally.

Jaw and Facial Pain Relief!

Providing pain relief for the face and jaw is what we do at Bear Brook Dental Care. Our comprehensive exam can reveal a lot about how your jaw moves and potential causes of TMD. The main purpose of treatment is to identify any areas that we can correct. By treating the cause of TMD/TMJ, we can provide pain relief for jaw or facial pain.

At Bear Brook Dental Care in Montvale, we also believe that education is an important factor in treating TMJ in many cases. Bad habits, such as clenching your teeth, may be contributing to your jaw pain. Through open communication we can help you eliminate those habits and find relief from pain and discomfort.

To learn more about TMD/TMJ, contact the friendly team at Bear Brook Dental Care. We will bring you in for a conversation and comprehensive exam to get to the root of the problem.

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