Root Canal Therapy in Montvale

Root canal therapy is often an essential general dentistry treatment whenever teeth become infected. The pulp of the teeth plays an important part in their structural integrity. When the teeth become infected, the pulp is compromised, and it may result in the loss of teeth. Infected teeth are also painful, as the root is affected by the infection. Root canal therapy will remove the infection and restore the tooth.

Using a cutting-edge comprehensive exam, Montvale root canal therapy dentists at Bear Brook Dental Care can detect infections in the teeth and gums. If it is established that your teeth are infected, Bear Brook Dental Care can perform root canal therapy to stop the infection in its tracks. There are few dental treatments that are less painful than a root canal, contrary to popular belief. The downtime from root canal therapy is also relatively short, compared to other treatments.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

Besides stopping infection from spreading in the teeth, root canals provide relief from pain caused by the infection. If you are experiencing tooth pain, especially when eating or drinking, you may have infected teeth. A small bump on the gums around the area of pain is also an indication of infected teeth. The only way to know for sure if you need root canal therapy is by visiting Montvale root canal dentists at Bear Brook Dental Care for an assessment.

Bear Brook Dental Care will remove the infection from your teeth and repair any damage to the affected teeth. Patients who have had root canals experience relief soon after and are once again able to enjoy their favorite food and drinks.

If you are experiencing painful teeth, contact Bear Brook Dental Care for a comprehensive exam at our offices. We can provide root canal therapy to provide you with permanent relief from painful infected teeth.

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