Montvale Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening is the most important general dentistry service that Bear Brook Dental Care provides to our patients. There are 13,500 deaths per year from oral cancers, which is largely due to sufferers not receiving treatment in time. Bear Brook Dental Care provides oral cancer screening in our offices to help patients identify any issues early. Oral cancer screening from Bear Brook Dental Care is designed to detect mouth and throat cancers.

We particularly encourage patients with a family history of cancer to receive oral cancer screening from Bear Brook Dental Care. Oral cancer screening is often a life-saving service. Our team will also provide you with vital education on the detection of oral cancer symptoms which will help you recognize early signs of these life-threatening cancers.

Identify Mouth Cancer Early

Early identification of mouth cancer is important because the mortality rate directly correlates with how soon a patient receives treatment. The longer mouth cancer goes undetected, the lower the chances of survival. We highly recommend receiving regular oral cancer screenings from Bear Brook Dental Care.

Knowing the signs of potential mouth cancer is also important. If you have sores in your mouth that bleed or do not heal, it may be a sign of mouth cancer. Growths or lumps are another potential indication of mouth cancer. Look out for loose teeth or dentures, pain in the tongue/jaw area or pain when you are eating and drinking. Do not ignore any of these common symptoms of mouth cancer. If you have any concerns, contact Bear Brook Dental Care. We can bring you in for an oral cancer screening.

Let us help you in the fight against oral cancer. Speak to Bear Brook Dental Care about oral cancer screening, and arrange an appointment right away if you are experiencing symptoms.

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