Montvale Dental Cleanings

Cleanings and checkups from Bear Brook Dental Care come with an education. We see every appointment as an opportunity to guide our patients toward better oral health. During your cleaning and checkup, we can help you understand the causes of oral health issues you may be experiencing. Your dental hygienist and dentist will answer any questions you have, ensuring that you leave your appointment much more informed than when you came into our office.

Although cleanings and checkups are typically the least invasive aspects of general dentistry, they are important nonetheless. Thorough cleaning prevents the buildup of plaque and harmful bacteria, while regular checkups are essential in detecting oral health issues. Bear Brook Dental Care makes scheduling easy so your family never has to miss cleanings or checkups. If you feel you need a checkup outside of your regular treatment schedule, we are always happy to accommodate the change.

Montvale Comprehensive Dental Exams

A comprehensive dental exam is designed to detect oral health problems at the earliest stage. Bear Brook Dental Care uses cutting-edge technology to provide our patients with dental exams that significantly increase the detection of potentially serious oral health issues. Advanced x-rays and imaging are used to build a complete picture of your teeth, gums, bones and jaw. This allows Bear Brook Dental Care to recommend the most beneficial treatments for you.

Oral cancer screening is an important aspect of exams from Bear Brook Dental Care. We care about our dental family. It is important for us to provide you with an early detection system for potentially fatal mouth and throat cancers. You can even set up regular screening if there is a history of oral cancer in your family.

To find out more about the added benefits of cleanings, checkups, comprehensive exams and oral cancer screening from Bear Brook Dental Care, contact us today to book an appointment with a friendly dentist.

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We’re laser-focused on your safety via…

  • Medical-grade air filtration and purification systems to remove airborne particles.
  • Strict staff PPE protocol.
  • Daily employee health monitoring.
  • Cautious patient pre-screening.
  • Fewer, more spaced appointments.
  • Clear waiting areas/social-distancing regulations.

We strive to provide the safest patient experience, every time.