Chipped Tooth Repair

A chipped tooth can really change the aesthetics of your smile. Minor chips may not expose the pulp of the tooth but will affect the biting surface. If the chip results in a jagged edge, it can lead to grinding of the teeth. This will eventually lead to further wearing down of the tooth. Bear Brook Dental Care can easily repair minor chips to smooth and reshape the tooth to restore your natural bite. General dental treatment for minor chips on teeth is relatively quick and painless.

A tooth that has suffered a major chip may need more intrusive treatment, especially if the pulp of the tooth has been exposed. If an infection results from an untreated chipped tooth, Bear Brook Dental Care can repair the damage through root canal therapy to treat the infection and restore the damaged surface. Tooth-colored dental bonding or crowns are used to restore chipped teeth, depending on the severity of the damage.

Repairs to Cracked or Broken Teeth

Cracked or broken teeth usually occur due to decay or trauma. A minor chip can also result in the tooth beginning to crack or break if it is not treated. The Montvale cracked tooth dentists at Bear Brook Dental Care offer a number of cosmetic and restoration dentistry treatments for cracked or broken teeth. You will need to visit the offices of Bear Brook Dental Care for a comprehensive exam so your dentist can determine the best treatment for restoring your tooth.

We may use a combination of treatments to strengthen and restore the function of the tooth. The restored tooth will look and feel natural, allowing you to smile with confidence. All treatments are carried out using cutting-edge dentistry in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

If you have damaged a tooth, contact Bear Brook Dental Care for an appointment. Our team will book you for an assessment with an expert dentist and get you the treatment you need.

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