Montvale Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are more than just a cosmetic dentistry treatment for patients who have lost their teeth. When a tooth is lost that has an impact on the visible appearance of the teeth, patients also lose confidence in their smiles. Using a dental bridge to help replace missing teeth is a hugely beneficial treatment for many patients. With renewed confidence, patients can once again face the world and achieve their goals.

Bear Brook Dental Care recommends dental bridges for patients who have too few teeth missing for a partial denture. The dental bridge can affix to a dental implant or teeth adjacent to the missing teeth. Bear Brook Dental Care will then use artificial teeth to rebuild your smile and restore lost function. You will look and feel much more confident once your dental bridge has been fitted.

Keep Dental Bridges Strong

As well as offering dental bridges as a treatment option, Bear Brook Dental Care wants to ensure that your dental bridge is long lasting. We can provide you with education on caring for your dental bridge during your appointment at our offices. There are also some basic rules you should follow to protect your dental bridge from damage.

Good oral hygiene is always recommended, but it is especially important when you have a dental bridge. The gums, bones and teeth need to remain healthy in order to support a dental bridge. Do not damage the crowns or dental bridge by biting down on hard objects. Make sure to attend regular checkups with Bear Brook Dental Care to have your dental bridge and overall oral health checked.

Find out if you are a good candidate for a dental bridge by contacting Bear Brook Dental Care for an appointment. In no time at all, you can have your teeth fully restored, allowing you to smile without fear of judgment.

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