Local Pediatric Dentist for Hoboken, NJ

According to the United States census, Hoboken, NJ contains roughly 9,500 families, which means there are probably a lot of children. Hoboken has a public school system to accommodate education for all of the children but also has a few options for private schools. Just like every child needs an education, they also need regular trips to the doctor’s office and the dentist.

Our team of pediatric dentists at Bear Brook Pediatric Dentistry wants to be your first choice when you are looking for a dentist for annual teeth cleanings. We also have orthodontists to check to see if your children will need braces. Other services we offer include tongue-tie treatment, lip-tie treatment, teeth grinding treatment, cavity treatment, and more. Contact our Hoboken, NJ office to schedule an appointment with one of our pediatric dentists today!

Cosmetic Dentistry, Emergency Care, Teeth Whitening & More

Our team knows how hard it is for a child to sit still at the dentist’s office, but we have wonderful pediatric dentists that will help your child enjoy the teeth-cleaning process. Many dentist offices don’t have special rooms or procedures for a child which can result in the child getting scared. Our pediatric dentists are prepared to make the dentist a place where children feel comfortable and safe. Contact us for more information about our pediatric dental services.

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