Dental Technology

Dental technology makes all the difference when it comes to delivering the excellence that patients deserve. Bear Brook Dental Care is at the cutting-edge of dental technology, treatment and services. We use CBCT and digital x-rays for reduced radiation in our comprehensive exams. Our team members are highly trained dental professionals who know how to deliver on patient expectations.


CBCT is advanced imaging technology that allows Bear Brook Dental Care to build a complete picture of your oral health. We can capture more images from CBCT than with traditional methods, meaning our patients benefit much more from dental examinations. In approximately 20 seconds, your dentist from Bear Brook Dental Care can take precision scans of your teeth, gums and bone structure.

At Bear Brook Dental Care, we want to ensure that our patients are able to receive all the dental treatments they need, quickly and effectively. Advanced imaging technology increases the likelihood of detecting oral health issues at the crucial early stages of development. That means you are given the choice of receiving treatment that prevents serious oral health issues from developing in the first place.

Digital X-rays for Reduced Radiation

Bear Brook Dental Care uses digital x-rays for reduced radiation. This imaging method is much safer for patients. Additionally, digital x-rays have been proven to significantly increase oral health care in patients. This advanced imaging system is at the forefront of dental innovation techniques. Bear Brook Dental Care is committed to providing our patients with better comprehensive exams, using safer technology.

If you have any questions about the imaging devices or techniques that we use, feel free to contact Bear Brook Dental Care, and speak to a member of our team. To benefit from cutting-edge dentistry, why not make an appointment with an expert dentist? We look forward to welcoming you to the Bear Brook Dental Care family.

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